About Me

Welcome to my blog! Here you can get to know me through my various interests whether it is equities, philosophy, the blockchain, and more.

~The positive impact I can have in collaborative environments and in progressing a greater goal is the most valuable currency there is. 

Wesley, 2018

My name is Wesley Lau and I am sophomore at Boston University studying Business Administration & Computer Science.

I love to solve problems. Throughout my career, I have been driven by my intellectual curiosity to learn more about broad and complex industries like finance. Whether it is finding the right amount of debt-to-equity or what are the key drivers for a company, I’ve been able to work diligently to adapt and unwarp complex issues and identify strategic solutions.

With my refined skill set, I bring a consistent and detail-oriented mindfulness that enables firms to innovate and thrive. This is what I have done for my supervisors at the US Treasury, Slingshot Power, and Search Fund Accelerator. This is what I continue to do at Todd Preston Advisors as I lead the research, valuations, and due diligence of various companies.

My intellectual curiosity makes me a lifelong learner. This has led me to experiences in a variety of industries and paired with my on-going studies, I believe this makes me a strong candidate for a variety of companies.

+ Creative Problem Solving
+ Detail-Oriented
+ Self-Driven & Enthusiastic
+ Financial Modeling
+ Industry & Company Analysis
+ Collaboration & Teamwork
+ Leadership
+ Listening & Learning

I enjoy eating my way around the world, deliberating about philosophical intricacies, playing foosball and board games, and being bad at dancing, so if you ever want to bounce some ideas off of me, feel free to contact me!